HealPod][RemixUpdate and Update2                                  
RR: 8.5
Don't get rid of the original map, just in case a server you want to join is still actually using it, but these are useful improvements on Missing's (or, these days, Boomslang's) first version, with some extra lighting, extra weaponry, and some cosmetic changes, including a rather cool effect on the "HealPod" itself.  The slightly unsteady bit of wall just as you approach one of the Pod-squashing floor-triggers does still remain, but in no way harms playability, and this remains one of the nicest recent additions to our map folders.  You had better keep both versions on your files if you can find them, to make sure you can get into a server that is running one or the other!
our page for the original version...
Only the one regular version of this map seems currently available for download - except for the lego version, that is!