HealPod ][ Remix                                                                                   
RR: 8.0
Quite a large map, this, for a high-tech installation based around the health-giving "HealPod", at the middle of the ground floor.  Are you injured, low on health-points?  Then step inside, and watch your health increase 15 points at a time, until you are up to 100 again.  There is just one catch... in the two doorways into the main area, there are buttons on the floor.  Press one of these and a plunger comes down in the HealPod, killing anybody standing in the cylinder, or even partly in it!  A similar idea to Vulcanizer, though not as large a part of the game.  It would be more fun if the Pod was the only way to regain health points, but Missing (now Boomslang, right?) has been quite generous with the usual 50-point belts.  There are plenty of triple strikes around, too, which is nice, and lots of rockets for them to fire.  There are lifts (elevators) to take you to the upper floors, and ramps, and corridors, and smoky glass windows, and in fact a lot of cool stuff.  It is a good map, with a lot going on, so add it to your collection. As far as I can tell, the only way to get to the topmost level is by re-spawning there after being blasted away, but there may well be secrets to learn that avoid that rather drastic way of moving around!