Gothic Remix Beta 09                                                                           
RR: 7.5
By Preacher, from the Iron Wolves site, 808KB of a many-roomed cathedral-like building, with nice use of stairways, corridors, different texture areas, dark corners, different levels... no bouncers, lifts, health, megapowers, shields, or doublers that I could find, and a perhaps refreshingly sparse selection of Nerf weaponry.  The main thing in doing a remix is to choose an appropriate and interesting Unreal Tournament level to work on, and Preacher has done that.  It is a little short of "goodies", but this is a perfectly good battle arena, nicely designed for its purpose, and different enough from our other maps to be well worth having.  A final, non-Beta version is now out, which does have just about every item this version lacks!  This earlier version is no longer available for download.
the finished version...