Gothic Remix                                                                                               
RR: 8.0
We have had the "Beta" version for a while, but the final edition has added some fun stuff.  There are two pairs of teleporters, and a bouncer to get you up onto a crossbeam where a whomper lurks. More weapons and pick-ups generally, I think, and some much-needed health!  Add this to all the rooms, staircases, corridors, levels, weapons, and fancy "Gothic" architecture that makes up this arena, and it looks as if Preacher has made a fine arena even finer.  Not that you want to delete the old version, you never know when it will crop up in somebody's server and you'd be puzzled if you couldn't get in.  As long as the map's title has been changed, there is no real reason to delete an earlier version from your map files.
          Preacher and his team, PC, Preacher's Clan, which is basically him and his sons Ashbar (or Root), OK and Steel, do have more maps planned, so keep watching the websites...