Frigate Remix 2 [1]                                                                                   
RR: 8.0
I think that Missing (now called Boomslang, of course) probably did this before his Barricade Remix, reviewed elsewhere, but his site has had problems with downloads, which seem to have been settled now; all in all, Missing's site is much expanded and improved.  Ashbar's conversion of
for NAB is a very popular arena, though he has said it was not entirely finished.  Missing hasn't changed the gameplay, everything is where it was, but he has been having fun with subtle texture changes here and there.  It is now evening, and the light is starting to fade; some electric lights have come on.  The sea has taken on a transparent, greeny look, while the distant mountains are rugged, textured rock...
          The lack of light means some features are not too clear - but we know our way around this arena, so no problem!  Unfortunately, a "bug" has crept in; when you leave the ship, and head into the nearby warehouse, the closed half of the doors has a tendency to lose its top half at certain fact, looking back at it from outside where the whomper and sidewinder are, the whole slab of wall above the doorway tends to vanish, as well.  This has no effect on gameplay, and doesn't bring a wince-inducing "flicker" as in Phobos or Floating Forts, luckily.  Missing has rather sneakily made this map come up on the server list as "Download Frigate2 Now!"  I don't think this is a vital addition to your file, but if you have 3 minutes or so download time free, and are interested in making or remixing maps, and seeing how you can change the character of a place by changing its lighting - go to Missing's site!