Frigate Remix                                                                                            
RR: 8.5
This is a large arena, adapted by Ashbar; apparently a more finished version will soon be with us, but this is plenty good enough to be going on with!  A big, metal warship is anchored close to the dock.  Aboard ship there are quite a few rooms, with weapons, the shield, the megapower, and the only health you will find.  Down below there is a way out into the sea, while there is also a gangplank to take you onto the dock, or you can leap from the deck and swim for it.  Perhaps the coolest thing is in the captain's dining room - a mirror, so you can see yourself!  Very useful if it is a team game and you don't know what character you have come in as!  Over on the dock there is a warehouse with crates to hide among, a long corridor, another room with a whomper, sidewinder, and hyperstrike.  Dock and ship would make two decent little arenas, but there is the sea as well, a massive area you can swim through - though dive too deep and you find yourself running out of air, with health-points ticking away rather quickly!  Try fighting there, though, with the triple strike perhaps.  Or climb up onto the distant hills, and make your way back along the skyline, onto the roof of the dockside complex, and fire down.  Or use the sheer size of the place to explore the skies with the alt fire camera-discs of the sidewinder!
          No wildfire or nerf cannon here, but lots of fun.  It isn't just a place to fight, it is a whole adventure playground too!

a version with evening-style lighting a more finished version of this map!