RR: 6.5
This is Barracuda Arena with new textures: "lightshow" textures, like a whomper explosion, pulsating like a rather dodgy nightclub.  Black Dragon has actually made a few useful little changes, mainly adding an extra whomper in a place that always ought to have held something special, and a megasneaker (jump or speed, probably jump I guess), and maybe more, but the pulsating lights on a black background...  "I'm going to change map before I throw up", Thunderbird remarked, which seemed an entirely sensible idea to me.
          If you are headache-proof, well, it plays perfectly, and the effects really are cute; the blackness makes it a little hard to navigate sometimes, but I guess we know our way around this arena pretty well by this time!  Can you see where we are in this screenshot?  Up by the hypershot, ready to head across to get the doubler - in fact, I have just shot at the target, and the door through to the teleporter is partly open...