Liandri Remix                                                                                                       
RR: 7.5
Lucky issues one of the best Unreal Tournament deathmatch arenas for Nerf ArenaBlast... not the first time he has done such a thing!  It reminds me a little of HealPod, but seems to be larger, with plenty of levels, elevators, teleporters, mirrors, and all the stuff we run about to pick up.  There is a sniper gallery towards the top; a central spire or shaft holds an elevator; find the whomper and you find a window looking out over a typically bleak, rocky environment, with lava flowing by below.  Best to stay inside, then - so lucky there is no door leading out.
          So, this looks as if it should be a popular arena, so expect to have some fine battles here in coming weeks.  It might be a good idea to try and find out which corridors lead where, then!