Leadworks Remix                                                                                            
RR: 7.0
A good place to visit - but I wouldn't want to work here.  Because the working area for this particular processing plant is sited right above the large pool of molten lead, and, wouldn't you know it, there are a number of places where an employee, or a visitor, could easily fall in!  Hey, that would hurt, right?
          Well, the textures are good, and the place is nicely realistic, except for the health angle - the fumes from that molten lead can't be very good for us, can they?  There are some curvy corridors, some nice set-piece areas, and if you shoot the right bit of wall you just have time to dash in and snatch a shield before it closes up again!  A glowing doubler is visible behind a grille, and a megapower is nearby -how you actually reach them will need some investigation, though!
          So, a fine new high-tech arena from Preacher.  I don't think it will make my "top ten", but it is a useful addition to our files.