Lava Swim
RR: 7.0
Another nice, relatively simple NAB map from Adam.  Other people may make more complex arenas, especially on the remix front, but somehow Adam's maps are truer to the spirit of NAB, with the old comfortable textures, and the emphasis on fun!
   And, with the cold winter nights upon us once again, what could be more enticing than some nice hot lava to run around over, or swim in?  Granted, even with the shield and megapower you can't swim very long, but there is an alcove halfway along each wall that you can hop up onto, to grab some health and be teleported back up to safety.  I doubt if you could reach one from the centre, so if you dive in, be careful where you dive from!
   You can see Adam in the screenshot, during our rigorous testing process; we also invited Brin of the Lunas, the well-known Bot, to join us, and she played pretty well, only falling in when hit by a rocket or similar, and generally appearing to be enjoying herself.  So, not a map for 30-minute deathmatches, but a worthy addition to your folder - and a nice small download!