LavaRun 2 and 2-1                                                                                           
RR: 8.0
This is a new version of Mr.BoBBo's LavaRun arena; before, it had lava-coloured carpet, but now it has the real thing, all hot, bubbly and lethal, just waiting for you to fall in.  But check your map title, after you unzip it in the usual way, if you are just downloading it; if it is called LavaRun2.0, you need to right-click on it, choose "rename", and change the name to PM-LavaRun2, or it won't work... though an updated version has taken care of that particular hazard now, so maybe you ought to make sure you have PM-LavaRun2-1!
          Originally, this was issued in a "Map Pack", which isn't always a good idea, as the contents of such a pack can easily get overlooked.  It was actually a well-designed idea, though, since Mr.BoBBo was new to mapmaking, he couldn't bring off the lava.  But now he can, and he has added a nice big skylight to make the place look more interesting too!
          See what you think, but I reckon that this map ought to be a lot of fun to play, with its metal walkways, central island with stairs, outside corridors... It is not really very much like any other arenas, except possibly the Inferno pair, or perhaps the two new RocketRun maps - and that has to be good, right?