Lava Giant Remix & version 1.1                                                        
RR: 9.0
One advantage FeEdiKo has is that he does play Unreal Tournament, so he knows a lot of their maps, and is able to choose some good ones to convert for NAB use.  And this is a top-rate arena, a "capture the flag" type, though sadly it wasn't possible to actually put the flags into a Nerf version.  Two castles, one stone and one generally Luna-textured, are the two team headquarters; unlike previous "facing forts" maps, these two fortresses are actually some way apart, without a direct line of sight, and connected by a number of different routes, on the lava-surrounded island.
          But, we have to talk about the "clipping" in the stone castle.  It isn't Fee's fault, he was right to publish this map in a first version, and hope that he can overcome the problem with perhaps a little help.  You go into the courtyard, and the paving flickers, strobes and vanishes, leaving a clear view of lava a distance below.  You won't fall through, but even a wall vanishes from some angles, leaving you wondering why you cannot walk straight ahead.  It is terribly offputting - but only in this one small part of the map.
          Despite the problem, this is a great place to explore and play, and full marks to Fee for bringing it over to Nerf ArenaBlast.
          With advice from Tiggy, FeEdiKo was able to make a much-improved second version; there is still a small amount of clipping where one internal wall is, in the stone castle, but it shouldn't hurt the playability.  Oh, and I found the whomper - a nice place to keep it, if you don't mind a hot lava bath now and then!