Laser Remix                                                                                                     
RR: 8.0
B-Ball has made a very enjoyable-to-play remix here.  I am not a fan of the textures from
Championship Arena
he has used for much of this, I always think they look more like painted cardboard than a "real" bit of architecture, but this is a minor quibble.  The play's the thing!
          One large room, or courtyard, with corridors around it - not many doors in, but plenty of windows to fire through!  In the middle, a tower, with a spiral staircase inside, leading to a top with the scattershot - and walkways linking it to ramps up round the outside, and to ramps going up to a topmost level with (of course) the whomper...add little cubicles for the triple strike, the megapower, and the hypershot, throw in the doubler, the shield, just about all the weapons, and you have got a high-intensity arena, well worth adding to your portfolio!