ISV-Kran 4 Remix                                                        
RR: 8.0
B-Ball brings us an interesting and unusual map.  What Nerf ArenaBlast does not usually have is much in the way of problem-solving, but here there are a number of places where you are stuck and trapped until you can work out what to walk on, push against, or shoot at... and see what happens when you do it!
          So, a different kind of map, but if you have assorted crazy players with triple strikes running around, the usual excitement can be had too, of course, with the added enticement that maybe you know your way through the doors and hatches better than they do... or maybe not.
          The map does have more corridors than average, and even a few smaller paths, where you feel that the characters are having to crouch to pass...but it has its larger areas too, and even some acid (or is it slurpee?) to get killed in if you drop down the wrong side of one trapdoor, or get a jump wrong.  The large glass window showing the largest part of the map is fine - I hope I can remember how you persuade the elevator to take you back down out of there, it doesn't do it if you just jump up and down on it in the traditional manner...
          When I visited to take the above screenshot, I didn't take the time to set up Todd as my player- character, which means I was Wes - and I don't advise playing him here, as there are a number of places where he is too big to go!  I cheated, and went "adminlogin" to go to "ghost", so this is a different kind of screenshot - not one you can see from in the game!  The game here is not as open as this shot would lead you to expect, instead we have "x-ray vision" here - which is useful for seeing how the various parts of the map fit together.  Makes an interesting picture, too!
          So, pick it up, and have fun working out what you have to do to get round, and then - Let's Play Nerf, as B-Ball's servers usually say!