Inferno 2                                                                                                                   
RR: 8.0
New from AceMaster2000... a map reminiscent of the original Inferno, but in many ways simplified - but with some interesting new stuff added!  You still have twin towers rising out of the lava, joined higher up, but now instead of slogging up a spiral staircase you can take a large and luxurious elevator.  The walkways are now slatted, so that you can easily see what is going on lower down, and there is a concrete trough at a middle height connecting the two towers, into which you fall when getting the whomper, and where you find a shield...but the only way out seems to be a leap onto the lower walkways, costing you most of your health.  Hmm...
          Talking of health, a central feature of this arena is its own "Healpod", which gradually restores your health; you can swim in it, too, though the noises you make would be more appropriate for a dip in the lava - I guess it must tingle a bit.  Rather cool, though you are an easy and obvious target while you are in there!
          The increased visibility of this arena makes for a faster game, and is probably a good idea.  It is a challenging place for a fight, and should work well with fairly low numbers, which is always an advantage for a map.  And I always like a map with at least one points-target in it!