RR: 7.5
From Acemaster 2000, an industrial-type setting with metal ramps, lots of ways up and down, and plenty of lava to try not to fall in... plus a couple of points targets, to add a little extra fun.  This has proved to be an enjoyable arena to fight in, with one or two useful items to be found in out-of-the-way places.  In his text file, Ace talks about accessing this arena by typing in "open PM-Inferno" like a cheat code, but that depends on your set-up; for me it works via "set-up server", or one can join a server already running it in the normal way, so no special computer skills are required...luckily for me!  This is an original map, not a remix, so full marks for a complex bit of construction here, with even sliding doors...rather tricky to code, I'm told.  Some good battles will be held here, in an arena that manages to be different from the usual run of such places.  The only ones a bit similar in some ways, really, are Inferno 2, and more recently Inferno 3, not surprisingly!