HyperBlast Remix 3-0
RR: 8.0
A new version of one of his favourite remixes from Boomslang, using the "luna" textures on the valiant starship - inside and out!  It took quite a while for Boom to actually finish this deluxe version, but with a little help from SLAM, here it is.
   Gameplay seems unchanged to me; all the weapons and pick-ups were where I expected to find them.  One change that I have mixed feelings about is the look of the surrounding space - what you can see in the new screenshot, above, is pretty cool, but we no longer have the strange "warp" effect dead ahead, and I miss it!
    This has always been an enjoyable, and much-enjoyed NAB map, and we owe Boom a vote of thanks for bringing it to us in its various forms.  I have had plenty of great games on the starship HyperBlast, and I look forward to plenty more...
inside - cosy!