HyperBlast Remix                                                                                  
RR: 7.0
Sometimes, when you are in a hurry, only warp factor eight will do - and that is about the speed the starship Hyperblast is running at.  This is truly an eerie effect, especially as you can climb about on top of the ship, as well as more safely inside, with the risk of being "shot off into space" at every turn!   Our old friends the scattershot, hyperstrike, triple strike and whomper are present, plus shield, megapower, teleportation from one side to the other, and even megajump, though jumping too high from the starship gets you outside the envelope of air.  The starship has three levels plus the top surfaces, and very impressive it is, too.  Missing (now Boomslang) had sent me a "Beta" version a day earlier, where the whole ship was made out of concrete, but it is now good solid studded metal, with some very warlike effects, and even the bravest Klingon captain would think twice about tackling our warship now, especially when he sees you standing on top aiming the whomper right between his warp nacelles.  So shout "Warp factor eight, Mr Crusher - make it so!", and baldly go where no Justin of the Tycoons has gone before...!