RR: 9.0
FeEdiKo presents, for our delight and edification, a remix of the Unreal Tournament "Domination" map DOM-Wolfsbay, with a massively realistic hovercraft speeding across the bay in the moonlight, propelling fans whirling, radar dish rotating, cabin lights blazing, navigation lights flaring.  The distant lighthouse flashes, the craft's wake streams out behind...
          Fee gave me a couple of "sneak previews" of this arena, and you can see them on the www.Nerfarena.com "Screenshots 1" page.  This means that I am hardly unbiased here, but I think this is a really nice map, and that he has done an excellent job on the textures.  Not an easy job, as you can tell from the two textures files you have to download!  The work on the flares is very nice, and the detailing in the cockpit, and elsewhere, is exceptional.  One minor thing is that one of the two ways into the engine room, from the rear, is only open to the shorter NAB avatars; Todd can get in, but Hope can't, even crouching or flying.  Speaking as a dedicated Todd, I think that is a definite plus point!  The whirling fans at the back are splendid; try to jump through them and you vanish, leaving only a points- lozenge behind (I shudder to think what the effect is in "UT"!), and stand too close behind them and you are blown off the craft into the sea, for a rather quick end...  That rotating radar dish on top of the cockpit is good, too, as you can jump onto it, and have the land/seascape whirl past at a dizzying speed, as you rotate.
          And it plays well, with plenty of ramps, the interior in various rooms and corridors, and the outside of the craft too with its various gradients.  I don't think there are any great secrets, the megapower on its case can easily be jumped down upon for instance, but for a really good-looking, atmospheric and different map that is ideal to play in for two or more players, you need look no further.