HiSpeed Remix & V1.1                                                                  
RR: 7.5 & 8.5
I like this one a lot... this is one of Lucky's finest arenas.  A train speeding through the night, through a long, straight cutting, with carriages and freight, it is all evocative and mysterious, putting you straight into an action movie the moment you jump out of the low-flying helicopter and land on the rear wagon... Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get from there to the front of the train - of course, there may be other players out to stop you!
          One drawback to the original version was that, as the Nerf megajump isn't as powerful as the
Unreal Tournament
equivalent, you couldn't actually leap up onto the roof of the carriages for a speedy, if risky, run for the front.  But there is plenty of other great stuff to keep you happy.  I think the train is a trifle sinister, myself.  Just what is this freight it is carrying?  There are some passenger sleeping compartments, but the only way to get in is to re-spawn in one - the doors open to let you out easily enough.  They have beds, wash basins, sidewinders, even mirrors.  Even without the roof, many carriages have two levels, so defending the driver's cabin is no easy task.
          Version 1.1 adds a bounce-pad at the rear of the train, just behind the last passenger carriage, so that using it plus both kinds of "magic trainer" means that it is now possible to get onto the roof of the final carriage.  It is by no means easy to leap from one roof to the next, but it is possible - and the front carriage has a door in the roof that will open automatically when you reach it.  This makes attacking the front of the train easier, and the whole game gets more complex, especially in a team server.
          Anyway, let your imagination take flight - just don't fall off the train, at the speed it's going that is certain death!