Hall of Giants Remix                                                                                
RR: 9.0
It's big, and it's beautiful, with the nicest use of Nerf colours and textures you could ever hope to see, courtesy of Captain Mellow.  All our favourite weapons are around, although you will probably need a team-mate to blow you into the air if you want to get up to the crosspiece near the roof where the whomper and the doubler are kept - use the sidewinder's alternate fire mode, the camera-disc, to check it out!  In fact, use the camera-disc to take the grand tour, ducking and swooping.  The place must be a mile long and half a mile high, with views off into space at the sides; the gravity is low, so you can run and jump, or use the trusty nerf cannon to fire all 15 balls in swift succession, and see them arc high, in a "HoG Rainbow", then bounce, bounce again, and finally scatter.  Fire rockets from one end to the other, and marvel at how long they take to get there.  Use the megajump to sale high and far, and try firing in mid-air at the other players, or the points-targets.  Jump into the "boomtubes" for an express ride from the middle to either end, or the bottom to halfway up the sides.  Two or three players can hardly ever see each other, which may be a disadvantage, but this is a wonderful place to play in, and one of the main reasons for adding any extra arenas to your game.  I like it a lot!
  And Ace chose this map for the very first NAB CTF arena, releasing it alongside the CTF mod, version 1.0, itself.  The bots tend as ever to stay at ground level, and aren't interested in the flags, but for online play, this is great fun - though you can just as easily respawn next to the other side's flag, or up that end, as closer to home...something version 2.0 will sort out, I am sure...