Gladiator Dome                                                                                            
RR: 7.5
Reaper's Roman Arena took us back to the days of gladiatorial combat, as seen in the movie "Gladiator" - Mikesmaf has not done that sort of arena, instead of a detailed and complex map what we have here is high-concept stuff, and what looks very likely to be a whole lot of fast-moving fun to play!
          Take a large dome, and addd low-gravity.  Next, sprinkle it with health and weapons, and a doubler or two.  Then add a whole lot more weapons!  We even have those entirely useless miniature whomper ammo reloads - I wonder what the story is behind them?  Megaspeed, plenty of megajumps which, in low-grav, will get you right to the top with any luck... Instant party!
          This isn't the first arena to use domes, but by keeping it simple, and going for low-gravity rather than hard-to-steer-yourself no-gravity, Mikesmaf looks to have hit on a more inviting place than most.  The download may be fairly large, but it does include the tlabcomp textures file, which you will need for other maps as well, so get on down, and prepare to have fun!