Galleon Remix                                                                                              
RR: 6.5
Or Koos Galleon, a rather fine-looking remix from Sharpknux himself; a fine old square-rigged sailing ship in mid-ocean, with a large cargo hold for fine fighting, plus cabins, masts, a plank to walk, and plenty of eye-catching bits, with all the weapons and power-ups you could desire.  But you know the next bit, don;t you?  It begins with the word...
          However, some parts of the remixing seem rushed or buggy.  The sea doesn't look like water in the way it does in Frigate, say; it looks like blue-painted wood, and if you fall in, from underneath the surface looks like wooden panels - and you drown strangely quickly!  There are windows you can't see out of (though if you "fly" round outside, you can see in), the sails flicker and vanish with different viewing angles, and sometimes look like wood again, while if you walk into an invisible sail at deck level, it kills you.  Part of the galleon's bow vanishes from certain angles, which is difficult if you are trying to walk on it.  Dropping into the hold onto one crate tends to "bounce" you away invisibly...  At least FeEdiKo has shown me that shooting the lamp at the bottom of the mainmast brings the elevator down, so that works okay!
          Still, it is a fine place to explore, and using the "fly" cheat is great fun.  I just hope a revised version is issued!