Fractal Remix                                                                                             
RR: 7.0
Boomslang (or Missing, as he then was) made this adaptation, based on a suggestion from Alfie.  What it is, basically, is a different look at Morbias, with a taller, battleship-metal interior, and, for a useful change, a fair amount of health.  So, like Morbias it is a hectic blast, ideal for a fairly small group, though for this sort of arena, the second, online-only Luna Bonus level is hard to beat, I say!  The central circle of floor opens, just to surprise you, and when you fall down the pit is endless, as you go through the arena time after time, top to bottom, until you re-spawn, which adds a nice twist to proceedings.  Adding health to the mix certainly changes the tactics and "feel" of gameplay, in a positive way I think, so this is a good addition to your files.