Forts of Independence & FoI 1.1                                              
RR: 8.0 & 8.5
A new map from our friendly Reaper, taking its theme from a slight difference of opinion between the Mother Country and the intrepid colonists in the New World back in 1776.  Two forts, on opposite sides of the river; the red-flag fort is for the cruel British and their Hessian mercenaries, the blue-flag fort is for Mel Gibson and pals, and any passing Frenchmen.  Floating Forts meets Forest would be a quick description, with a touch of Crossfire. Both forts have high walls, and acid-filled moats, so the front gate seems the only assault point; there are watchtowers, armories, conference rooms, barracks, elevators, sniping positions...even a megapower or two, in suitably challenging places. Reaper even wanted to make the cannons outside functional, but that caused too many problems, unfortunately!
          You would need six to ten players to do this map justice, but if you can find enough people, this ought to be a good place for a rumble!
          The revised 1.1 version is, surprisingly, a little buggy. especially around the main gates of the fort, which can flicker and appear to vanish, from some viewpoints.  And it was tiresomely possible to respawn right in the acid-filled moat, and immediately lose a bundle of points - but Reaper has put that point right in a revised download.  Still, the watchtowers either side of the gates now have buttons to jump on, sounding a warning buzzer and bringing up the message "The Americans Are Coming!" (or, in the other fort, "The Red Coats Are Coming!"), and the gates only open, letting the drawbridges down, if you push a button outside or inside.  And you still tend to respawn with a good supply of weapons on you, which is nice...
our page with the "1.1" screenshot!