RR: 7.5
You'll never guess what there are two of in Mr.BoBBo's new original map - why yes, how did you guess?  Forts!  A similar idea to Forts of Independence perhaps, but smaller forts, and some interesting landscape, with a deeper river, a line of hills, and a useful brick-built sniping tower with an elevator you may not recognise until you lean on it and it moves.  This arena is also known as War Forts.  And what other sniping tower has points-targets as well?  It may look like a "Capture the Flag" UT remix, but it is all-original, and the forts fly Tribe and Barracuda flags, not red and blue!
          The "Reaper Rating" has to go on the playability and interest of a map, not whether it is a re-texturing of an Unreal Tournament map or something entirely new, so this doesn't rate quite as highly as Mr B's last production, although it reflects greater credit on his abilities.  Nice geography, useful weapon placement, some sensible building decisions - it all shows that his maps are developing well.  He found out how to do points-targets from B-Ball, so here they are, but not overdone, just hidden away on top of the tower.  The clouds here are a different texture from the usual one, and more realistic for it.  Nice water, too.
          So, a good open-air arena - but not as good as his next one is likely to be, I expect!
      And Elven Nerfer has seen the map's potential, and converted it for version 1.0 of Ace's CTF mod, so I look forward to revisiting old haunts...