Forgotten Warriors (Final)                                                                          
RR: 7.5
Not a reworking of the previous version - instead, Scouse has started from scratch, just continuing the general idea, and made an altogether better place to visit.
          One of the occupational hazards of being the hero of a time-travel novel is that you do tend to run across giant statues of yourself.  I never expected this to happen to me, but there is a circle of massive stone statues of Nerf players here, time-weathered and tall, and I recognise Todd's haircut on one of them!
          This is a difficult arena to describe.  There are various small grass areas around the central pit and its stone circle, just about within jumping distance of the pit's surround (though you lose a lot of health); teleporters are indicated by indentations in the soil, and you can move happily around, picking up a triple strike here, a hypershot here.  You may also reach the "stargate" above the pit...leap through and you find a megapower and whomper ammo, or a shield...or water to drown in, or lava to burn to a crisp in!
          Playing here could well be rather fun, shooting and teleporting from one little island to the next, and the whole thing is very atmospheric, though the random "reward or death" stargate may not get used much, particularly by people in the lead as a death there would cost them 1000 points.  And how come one can walk straight through the statues, but not walk close behind them?  But an original map is always welcome, and Scouse has certainly given us one of those!