RR: 9.0
Sometimes, simple is best, and what we have here is a forest glade, with trees, stumps, logs, a stream - and lots of nerf weaponry, though no health power-ups, mega-powers or electro-shields. 
has based this breath of fresh air on the original "paintball" style real-world nerf game, and it works beautifully.  Nothing complicated, no warrens of corridors, or ramps, or falling off into molten lava or space... I love it.  You can almost smell the grass, the pine-needles - I may be visiting this one a lot!  Judging by the number of servers running this map most days, a lot of people are loving it - quite rightly.  And Todd is short enough to crouch down in one of the "bushes" and fire out at the unsuspecting passers-by, heheheh... do that as a tall guy and the top of your head sticks out, which looks rather peculiar!