Floating Forts BETA                                                                             
RR: 6.5
CTF: 7.5
A "swords & sorcery" type original map from SLAM, with a concept surprisingly similar to "Facing Worlds", though, as a start-from-scratch original map it is understandably less ornate than the remix.  Two forts connected by a path over a long drop (though, like "TechComb", there is water to break your fall, and a teleporter pad to bring you back up), one fort lit with a purple flame, one with green.  Atmospheric clouds scud across the face of the moon, the sound of the flames is loud in our ears.  Each fort has SLAM's trademark arsenal of weapons and ammo.  It all seems like a good place for a battle, though I think it would need more than two players to work well - difficult to be sure until one has played it a few times, of course!
          This is only a test, "BETA" version, and indeed strange things were going on with the ceiling of the green fort's main hall.  I think I would suggest putting some ammo on the upper levels of the fort, and making the topmost level, just below the flame, accessible, perhaps by teleporter (or maybe it is and I haven't come across a secret doorway!).  The lower ground might be given some goodies to make the long dive something worth doing; similarly, the outer path from one fort to another might benefit from being, say, the only place to find a sidewinder or a whomper.  And everyone respawning in the same place can get slightly hectic! This arena is a nice idea, but as yet it is only a work in progress.  Still worth a visit, of course!
   Well, SLAM may never have taken this map any further, but Elven Nerfer has released a version for Ace's CTF mod, version 1.0!  "I've always loved this map, and now that CTF is out, I thought it would make a perfect addition to the list of maps", he says... and who are we to disagree?