Final Shock (Final Version)
RR: 7.5
It seems that we are often promised a revised and refined version of a map that really doesn't work - and then nothing happens.  So, imagine our surprise and pleasure to find that Black Ninja (alias Black Dragon) has joined forces with the original maker of the previous Shocker and Final Shock,
, to manufacture this great improvement.
          It's one of these "two teams face each other" maps - and, going by the decoration and the team animations that play, those two teams are the Rockheads and the Tribe!  Each side has its base, with armoury, and a convenient back room you can duck into, which is - filled with acid?  Very handy if you decide some team member is just too healthy!  As well as the open (if uneven) ground between the two sides, there are two rampways overhead, and it all looks nicely thought out for a good game.
          Of course, while it is easy while making a map to imagine the two large teams facing off against each other, it is not an event that happens very often - and when it does happen, well, Forts of Independence is the usual choice, or any one of a dozen or more others.
          Still, it is nicely constructed, and there is no sign of the "instant death" syndrome that earned the previous versions some rather low ratings; it is always good to have extra choice, so I am not going to knock it!
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