Fetid Remix 2                                                                                                              
RR: 8.0
Funny how you can tell what people are interested in by the maps they make, or choose to remix...and from this one, which comes up as Fetid Sewers on the server listing, we can deduce that Thunderbird has a keen interest in - household plumbing?  Well, maybe not.  This is another arena where players are awfully small, like Bathroom and Breakfast - but this time we have moved down a foot or two, under the toilet bowl, into a labyrinth of pipes.  All scrupulously clean and shiny, and textured for clarity and fun by TB, with a strange absence of actual water. 
          In fact, this is different from the other "tiny player" maps in that you aren't dwarfed by the surroundings, with the other players so far in the distance you can't tell which team they are on.  This is a more normal-playing arena, with weapons and power-ups placed in some easy places and some hard.  There is an elevator; like many of its kind it is a little finicky about where you stand on it, but it works fine if you take a little care, and stays at the top long enough for you to find the side to exit on!  There is a triple strike, but Thunderbird has hidden it.  Some places need agility to reach, which adds to the fun. 
          So, a nice start for the Thunder Clan leader.