Faces of Faraohns[1]                                                                                
RR: 8.0
Wow, this is a big map: 1.69MB, which when you unzip it becomes 5.11MB.  A fortress, set in rolling parklands, all nicely remixed by Mr.BoBBo...the only problem being that, with a map this size, you need a decent number of players, or you run about for ages, through tunnels and caves, up elevators, swimming in streams, jumping down to a different level, without meeting a living soul!
          Also known as Faces of Pharaohs, this map may not look very Egyptian, but it is a splendid place to explore.  The fortresses themselves (blue and red) are fairly large (and with few weapons, except a hypershot and a triple strike on the roof), but unlike other maps where you are lucky to get a "back yard", here you get a whole safari park, divided up by a river, a mini-mountain range (with tunnels - one of which may appear to have the "one-way only" bug, to keep you away from the whomper, but with a few tries you can jump over the obstruction), scenic wooden and stone footbridges...but this is a map you need to try for yourself.  A great place for the "fly" cheat, too!  I assume this is a "Capture the Flag" remix like LavaGiant, but with a more natural setting, and larger too.  To get the full benefit, it is probably a good idea to take along a packed lunch, and maybe eat it on the grass near the waterfall!
       For some reason this map appears not to be on Tmon & Tux's site, so we have our own download here.