Face Remix                                                                                                     
RR: 8.0
Or "Facing Worlds"  - Lucky of the IW strikes again, with two ancient towers built on two small asteroids, joined by a pathway.  The towers are almost identical, with mattergates taking you directly from the hallway to either the top of the tower, or two lower sniping positions.  It looks like a cool location for snipers, with plenty of guns and ammo to hand.  Gravity, strangely, is Earth-normal, but some enjoyable sniping battles are sure to be played out here.  It makes a surprisingly enjoyable 2-person arena; I played it with Justin, and once we got used to the layout, and started to use the sidewinder alt fire mode for scouting (and hitting - ouch!), plus trying to guess where our opponent was holed up, it was great fun.  It should be good for playing teams, too, red tower versus blue.  While comparatively small at 309KB, I think this is likely to be rather a popular arena...

  And now Jay Williams has won the race to issue a "Capture the Flag" version of the map - using Ace's CTF mod, version 1.0.  Remember that the mod does not support playing with Bots, they basically don't have a clue what's going on - but multiplayer action, on a CTF server, should be fine.
The two versions here are very similar - you are advised to download both, however, to make sure you can get into a server running this map!