Empowered Remix                                                                                           
RR: 7.5
Another impeccably textured remix from Tmon and Tux_the_Penguin, so a brace of new textures files need to be slipped into the textures directory, as well as the map file going to join all the other maps.  Due to the differences in the game systems, the teleportation areas are not obvious, but that just adds to the fun; you have split levels, with bounce pads (of a splendid new design) to get you up; run around and find the weapons and power-ups, and perhaps make a crafty leap or two to get at things.  There are corridors, staircases and corners, but you are never hidden away from the main action...and it really is a rather realistically exotic building we find ourselves in  It is perhaps larger than one first thinks it is, but an impressive place to explore, and a fine place for a brisk firefight or a more leisurely game.  The list of new maps is getting so long it takes a while to scroll down even as far as "E", but this is a good, traditional arena, and a fine conversion to our game.
At one time there were two versions of this map available, the second being a "1.1" - we seem only to have the regular one available now, however.