Elsinore Remix                                                                                             
RR: 7.5
The original version of this map was never given a wide release, because it was too "laggy"; it gave your computer so much work to do that the poor thing couldn't keep up.  This was due to the rather nice idea of having six tv screens on the walls, continuously looping the six team animations, as seen on the walls of the plaza lobbies when you touch them.  B-Ball has removed them now, however, and substituted six "painting" style screenshots of the six team arenas.  They look good, and don't slow the game down at all...
          This may come in handy in a trivia quiz one day: Elsinore was the castle where the action of the Shakespeare play Hamlet took place.  If the original UT level was finished in rough-hewn stone blocks, that would have been appropriate I guess, but here we have our friendly "Amateur Arena" Nerf colours, heavy on the primary yellow, so the arena is not a castle at all.  Oh well, a cool name!  We get plenty of corridors, some lava (not) to fall into, our favourite weapons, elevators, doors, and a secret passageway B-Ball kindly showed me.  You can walk through a certain bit of (grey) wall, and it leads to a rather useful sniper position.
          So, a good, old-fashioned new Nerf level, nice and chunky and full of the kind of surprises we like.  And as usual the mapmaker isn't charging us cash, all he wants is to see us using the map now and again - which seems like a good idea!