RR: 8.5
"Cus, can you send me Concrete Playground?"   "Sorry, I haven't got it - I saw people playing it earlier, I wonder where it comes from?"  "Cus, don't mess about, I SAW YOU PLAYING IT!!"  "No, I haven't got it."   "Cus, SEND ME IT!!!   I am your friend, aren't I?"  "When did you think you saw me playing it?"  "JUST NOW, CUS!!!"  "Um, hang on a minute, I was playing Downtown... I wonder... maybe... hang on a minute..."   How Skippy must have been chuckling, the rascal.  The map is called Downtown, but it appears on the server list as Concrete Playground...
          And a nice original map it is, too, with a skyscraper, a small park with a pool in the middle, a line of storage units, and the odd sneaky touch.  You need to have PU-Misc.utx in your textures file (which you probably already have by now, after Warehouse and Colloseum), but otherwise things are pretty much straightforward.  The skyscraper has six floors, including a secretary's office, a regular office, a lounge, storage, and a mini gym, while on roof level there is a passage that lets you jump down into the pond.  The "elevator" from floor to floor is the handy "swim up" method, as seen in some other recent maps. The park has a "mini market" on one side; the sliding doors don't work, generally, but Skippy has fixed things so that you can walk straight through them into the various units, and pick up the weapons on display.  "Another thing with the doors is that somehow there is a glitch that is an invisible door/block away from the door by about five Nerf-feet", Skippy reports, so if you get stopped, just sidestep. 
          It took Skippy two full days to build this (must have been quick-setting concrete), so he hopes we will enjoy the arena.  Nice one, Skippy; we will!