Dome Remix (beta)                                                                                           
RR: 6.5
Black Dragon has rather followed Spike's NerfPlaza example here, and remixed a place we are used to visiting without weapons.  The "dome" in question is that circular room we visit while "connecting" to a real arena.  Sometimes we spend too long there, or end up dead and respawning just by an entirely useless 1000-points lozenge.  Still, it is an arena in its own right, even if a trifle small (unless BlackDragon has built in a secret passage or teleporter I didn't discover), so why not publish a version full of weapons and pick-ups?
          A fight here would be rather hectic; that 40-minute points record ought to be blown away, if anyone wants to keep bashing their buttons here that long!  Put more than two players here and it would be...well...ridiculous mayhem?
          Still, a fun idea...heheheheheh...
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