Distinctive Remix                                                                                     
RR: 2.5
From Tmon and Tux_the_Penguin, another of their, um, distinctive remixes: Distinctive Temptations, to give it its full name.  The main distinction here is the use of the basic, primary-colour Nerf textures, which is rather fun... it makes the Amateur Arena look rather dull in comparison!  There is an area in stone textures, but there is a lot of yellow, with levels, and ramps, and elevators, and reds, and crates of various sizes scattered about to leap on to gain access to some of the weapons.  I used the adminlogin "ghost" cheat to check out what looked like a secret door - it didn't lead anywhere, but in the distant darkness was a strange, half-lit shape, which was weird; and getting a better look at what is almost visible through the arena's roof-windows showed a rather forbidding, Lovecraftian environment...
          Even with the "zero ping" of running my own server, my direction controls felt rather uncertain here, giving a "laggy" effect.  Also, liberal use of the Nerf standard yellows, greys, purples and reds mean that sometimes different objects of the same colour tended to "blend in"" together.  See what you think, because the design of the arena should otherwise make this a good place for medium-size battles; besides, I could do with the company!  Our remix aces say they may try to re-texture this map, to combat the "lagginess", so watch out for future announcements.  Getting rid of the "ghosts from outside" might help on that front, too!
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