Deck 17 Remix [Final]                                                                                    
RR: 9.0
Talking of Deck 16, here is its sequel, a first remix by Clan Destiny's co-leader, FeEdiKo.  Join a server running this, and you are in familiar territory, though Fee has changed the textures and lighting to add a bit more atmosphere.  However, you soon find out that, while the "slurping" acid pool and associated ramps and corridors remain, there is now a whole lot more to this place.  Mainly hard to get access to, initially, using a teleporter that is not immediately obvious, or a narrow passageway in a shadowy corner behind the crates, but there are higher levels to the building now - and you can even find yourself out on the roof!  You can't fall off, which is good, and there appears to be a cool fireworks party going on nearby!
          In fact, there are quite a few cool effects here - and a few tricky traps.  Where Deck 16 used to have a teleporter, we now find a "deathray", and baited with a very tempting doubler, even!  And what if anything does the white fire, thoughtfully caged, do?  I don't know how much of this is carried over from the Unreal Tournament original, but the first skill a good remixer needs is to pick good maps to remix, and I can only wonder why, considering how popular Deck 16 was, it has taken this long for
Deck 17
to be chosen for conversion to NAB.  I would have put the old arena in my top ten new arenas, but it has now been ousted by this confident newcomer, so well done Fee!  I look forward to many exciting games played here.