RR: 6.0
A new "beta" from Boomslang; nice to have him back at work on these things!  That said, I am not particularly a fan of maps like Warehouse where you are surrounded by cases you can only jump on when the single megajump re-spawns.  You can only get out of that particular area using the 'jump, too (or by falling to your death down the well) - and the other part isn't particularly big, and full of dead ends.
          Nice murky and moody lighting, but having one main part of the arena so hard to get out of is counter-productive.  The idea of a map as a maze is fine, but I don't think it really applies to this particular arena.  You need size for that, and preferably megajumps to move us above the walls before we have time to get bored.  Spending five minutes trying to find the one correct route through a maze seems off-putting to me, but make it too simple, rooms and corridors with a few dead ends, and there isn't much to experience.
          So, I don't know if a "Final" version of this map is worth the effort, when Boomslang could just as well try some completely new idea.  Another megajump or two wouldn't hurt, but maybe it makes more sense just to move on...