Da Bounce                                                                                                               
RR: 8.0
An idea by Black Dragon, swiftly executed by Reaper, making a fun arena that perhaps relies a little too much on its gimmick, which is that the whole of the ground floor is covered with bounce pads, so that you bounce up, grab weapons or health or whatever from out of mid-air, and generally have fun.  There is a large hole in the ceiling, with the weapons and so on floating there - and when you go through, you find that the floor around the hole is again covered in bounce pads.  And there is a large hole in this ceiling, again full of weaponry to be grabbed, though the floor on the top level is a proper floor, with some handy health along one wall.  After all, you have probably banged your head on the ceiling a few times by now, or landed awkwardly just at the edge. so you may need health!
          Not exactly a deathmatch arena, but a fun place to spend a few minutes, and it may help improve your aim when firing in mid-air!