RR: 7.0
A new Nerf map by the legendary Captain Mellow is a cause for rejoicing, even if it is a small one that isn't without flaws.  But more on that later!
          Named after Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wes Crusher, the teen most Trekkers would most like to see the ceiling fall in on (but don't quote me on that, as I just made it up), we have a central area and an outside corridor, rather like Vulcanizer.  The ceiling on the central room comes down and crushes anyone in there if somebody outside by one of the four ways in presses a design on the wall - likewise, press a symbol on the inside room's wall, and you can crush any of those four areas on the outside!
          The outer ring has ammo and the ballzooka, wildfire, nerfcannon, and pulsator; the central room has health, the doubler, and the scattershot and its ammo.  The flaw is that, unless the central items are in use and haven't respawned, when they are "crushed" they do not return - ever!  The outer ring weapons don't suffer this fate, though, as they are not in the sections where the pumice-coloured ceiling can descend.
          So, the (almost immediate) lack of health is a downer, and continued use of the scattershot would have been nice, but this is a useful arena for small battles, textured luxuriously in the best Nerfish style; I've played it with Fenix, and it was fun.