RR: 7.0
It is a while since Skippy had the first version of this available, when it was called RealAlmostImport - and since then he has had problems with NerfEd.  But now Skippy is up and running again, and this revived and revised version is...well, very similar, actually, though with some bright new wall-textures.  As far as I can see, you can still get trapped by going down in the middle part, and getting off the disc to try to pick up a megapower or shield.  Unless somebody else brings the disc back down for you, is there any way but the "suicide express" to escape?
          Still, this is a nice large arena, with the two main sides for two main teams, each with its arsenal and protective walls.  Maybe it is possible to get to the luxury lounge high above - use the sidewinder's "alt fire" mode to take a quick look at it, anyway.  The size of the playing area makes this a bit lonely for two or three players, but for a larger team game, it has definite potential.