RR: 4.0
Galen99 made this map, which has, as you might guess from the above screenshot, a religious theme.  A square box, with a hill in the middle, and a cross on the top; the trees you can see are just part of the wall-texture.  There are weapons in the four corners, and two shields and the mega- power on top of the cross - though I don't see how they can be reached there without cheating.
          A fairly basic game can be played here, but, as with The Alamo, only more so, is this quite the right place to be fooling around with nerf weaponry, and blasting away at other players?  Come to look by all means, though this screenshot is just as good for that purpose - or come to meditate as Easter approaches, but let's keep things peaceful here, shall we?
          This map is no relation at all to Cross(Beta).