Coughin Remix                                                                                          
RR: 7.0
"It isn't the cough that carries you off, It's the coughin' they carry you off in", as the old rhyme says.  Missing's map (Missing being the old name for Boomslang) is a little similar to Surge3, and as such can be terribly frantic with more than three players.  You have, in a dark, stone-lined vault, a circular path with a cross-shape pair of passages inside; you have another circular way a few feet over everyone's heads, which seems out of reach without re-spawning there - the good old "suicide express"!  The lower level cross-over isn't quite straightforward, as one side has a sheet of plate glass across, stopping you in your tracks, and also doing nasty damage if your ts rocket bounces back at you off it...and there seem to be a pair of small, steep rampways going upwards, but I couldn't fit into them.  So it isn't as easy a venue for violence as you might suspect!  The poor lighting is very atmospheric; in parts of the lower circle you only know somebody is in there by the weapon-fire coming out, or, in a team server, the appearance of the name of the adversary.  I recently played with about seven others here, and it was surprisingly enjoyable and remarkably hectic;  I don't think this arena will become one of the main classics, but it still makes an interesting experience.