(Master Computer)                                                                                          
RR: 6.0
This is the first attempt by Icedude to do a remix for us; since he doesn't have Unreal Tournament, he has had to retexture Luna Bonus 2; the texturing is rather more adventurous than Justin's work on the arena to produce what he called Sequoia Bonus, but unlike Justin he hasn't changed the weaponry, and somehow, in using cool effects as seen in Matrix Fix Remix, he has made my computer demand a texture file called "commandoskins_m", which is 2.59MB...a bit large!  So on balance, unless you already have that texture file (which Sharpknux kindly sent me), or are a map completist like me, I think you may not want to go to all the trouble of getting this map to work for you.  Still, the map works fine, and it is good experience, so I look forward to seeing what the 'Dude does next!
from Icedude's own site!