Anachronism Remix
RR: 8.5
This new map, by B-Ball... another in his group of "Asteroid textures" arenas, and in many ways the nicest.  It is better-looking than, say, Rusty Inc Remix, though for a large-scale fight you might prefer to go there.  The night sky adds atmosphere and a sense of space, and B-Ball has also repeated his idea from Elsinore Remix, and put some suitably-processed screenshots on the walls!
          That is a fun idea, I think.  Some are from offline games (you can tell, because it is Ted's face you see in #1 position, not Justin's!), some from online - they are all, naturally enough, from the
family of arenas.
          Anyway, the arena is a pleasant size; as well as ramps, it has elevators, it has the usual pick-ups we look for, it even has some standing water to splash through, it has good ambush spots, it has good run-away places.  So, cool map generally, I say!