RR: 8.0
Missing gave us some excellent remixes, but the new, improved Boomslang goes one better and presents his first original map.  It isn't exactly colossal, there isn't a Greek amphitheatre or a display of classical columns, but it is a decently-sized arena with plenty of good ideas.  I wouldn't be surprised if somebody asked permission to convert it to Unreal Tournament use!
          When you unzip your download, you find as well as the usual "N" icon map and text ReadMe (which you may wish to right-click and retitle), a third item - a texture file.  This is the same file that came with Warehouse, so if you installed it then, just delete this copy; otherwise, you need to put it in c:\program files\Atari\Nerf\Textures (just as the "N" goes in \Maps) - you may find it easiest to make that the unzipping file destination, and cut & paste the other two files out of there...after all, you have added the \Maps file to your favourites, for easy retrieval - haven't you?
          There is a megapower in a box, but I had no idea how you get to it; until Boomslang kindly tipped me off about a certain button to blast!  The only strange thing I found was that in one of the two identical side passages, heading upwards towards the nicely-flaring lights, I was stopped as if by an invisible wall - though heading downwards there was no problem!  Boomslang is working to fix this.
          A good main room (though I advise against falling down the well, that is acid down at the bottom!), useful corridors and back areas, suitably alien landscape to be seen - this is a very good piece of original work, and the textures are very nicely used.