ColdHeart Remix  (BETA)
RR: 8.0
Missing, Boomslang, Tricky, or is it Boom?  Anyway, he has been working on this rather fine remix of a thumping UT arena, and it was just about ready before his computer did something rather terminal!  Still, I sent the version he sent me back to him, which is now declared finished.
          Playing as Todd, I was able to get everywhere in this map; if you play as Justin, or perhaps as Wes, you may find the headroom a bit low in places, but see how it goes.  The "electric chairs" you see in various locations are actually just the UT spawning points, they do not do anything special, though they look fine... and our remixer has tied in short music clips to some of them, so that when you are in that particular area, you hear a little bit of mood music!
          In the screenshot you can see the doubler, which is reached by an elevator and a walk along that narrow beam - and of course, that is acid below!  Across the way is a mirror, you can just about see "me" - sometimes some of the mirrors here give a strange effect, and your head may seem to vanish, or become a rather small triangle briefly - but it all adds to the fun!
          Plenty of corridors, and a nicely-playing place, once you have worked out which bits are the mirrors, and other useful stuff like that!