Codex Remix                                                                                              
RR: 7.0
Ashbar converted Frigate for Nerf, so I had high hopes here, for the "Codex of Wisdom",but to me at first investigation it is rather ordinary.  The Nerf textures have been done very well, but it is some kind of building with ramps and lifts, and I find it hard to get enthusiastic about it.  If you know the other maps too well, then playing here and discovering how it all fits together will pass some time enjoyably, but unless there are some great secrets discovered (or even a way to make one of the lifts, the only way except re-spawning there to get to the top storey, actually work), then I don't think this will be appearing on many lists of the favourite Nerf arenas.  Still, it is always nice to add another map to our files, and this is actually a good place to play...fight, I mean!